Yamaha QT 50 airflow issue

So I got my moped out for the first ride of the year, and everything was great for the first 20 miles, but as the day went on and the temperature rose, I began to have issues where the bike would not stay running. I ended up becoming stranded near a friends house and had to walk the bike there. Once I got there I checked for the big four. Spark, fuel, air, and compression. I had good spark, tons of compression, and fuel getting to the engine, so I figured the only thing it could be was air. I removed my airbox and the moped fired right up. I need to run an air box because the place I am in is particularly dusty and an air filter is a necessity. Is there something I can adjust on the bike to make it so the air fuel ratio is tuned more towards air.

Re: Yamaha QT 50 airflow issue

Maybe use a pod filter? Or really clean yours out, I had a stock airbox and it was very restrictive, got a pod on mine.

Re: Yamaha QT 50 airflow issue

x2 on the pod style ^^^ . Got them on all of mine. Noticed a little more top end speed after putting them on with no other adjustments.

Re: Yamaha QT 50 airflow issue

Being as the bike ran fine prior , I'd simply clean the current filter .

Pod filter would just add another variable and they allow more crap in .

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