1984 A3 engine swap

I bought an A3 moped from someone that had left it sit outside, water had entered the jug and the piston was completely seized. I had to use an air chisel to pull the jug off.

I bought an engine off of what I believe is a newer model Tomos that was free and working and swapped it onto my A3, the only problem is that the new engine has 2 wires coming from the stator while the original engine had 3. The new engine has a yellow and black wire while the old engine had the same configuration as well as a blue wire. On the old engine the wiring went from yellow to yellow, black to black, and the blue wire went to a brown wire and a brown/black wire.

With the new engine hooked up I have no spark and I can't quite figure out why. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?


Re: 1984 A3 engine swap

i see no wires. take a look at the wiring diagrams on the wiki. both 2 and 3 wire. can u reuse your stator/magneto from your old motor? u can rewire a few things if u have the loom to work w 2 wire.

Re: 1984 A3 engine swap

Beach Club Nick /

Pull the stator off the old motor and pop that bad boy on the new one. Now you don't have to worry about wiring differences

Re: 1984 A3 engine swap


Re: 1984 A3 engine swap

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Yellow on

Signal wire blk

blublk ground

Green 2 yellow out

Browns are ground

Hand signals for braking.. Brake light always on.

Re: 1984 A3 engine swap

I don't know what newer motor you got but if it's from a cdi bike you'll need the matching cdi ignition coil, the cdi stator won't fire a standard HT coil.

Re: 1984 A3 engine swap

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Unles it purpose made to replace Pointsets magneto. Reto knitting.

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