im stumped, korado rear wheel removal

this is a stupid question for the more seasoned wrenchers. Im installing new tires on my korado. ive put new tires on all 5 of my bikes and its simple. the rear swing arm on these is not open, so you cant just loosen the axle nuts and remove the brake cable and slide the wheel out. I have the chains off, the brake cable off, and the axle nut off. I thought the axle bolt would just slide out unfortunately it has not been that easy, it just spins around like a stripped bolt. I am lost! has anyone ever run into this ? any pointers ? thanks so much!

Re: im stumped, korado rear wheel removal

hammer time.

Re: im stumped, korado rear wheel removal

haahha indeed it is or was! just found a punch and drove her out... im a little ashamed I didn't think of that earlier

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