Solo clutch help

Hi I have a solo 40/2 and all the pieces from the clutch side are gone I do have the 2 speed part with 12 screws on the pedals that transfer power to the rear tire. If anyone has a idea how to mount something up that will work let me know. I've been thinking of a Batavus m48 clutch set up would work. modding /custom is okay I do know my way around the toolbox.

Re: Solo clutch help

if u find out post picts id like to see.

Re: Solo clutch help

Myron's link

I bet you have the same setup as mine. Odyssey had the single speed drive in front. Go to the Myron's link and scroll down to "disk clutch".

This should help visualize what was there anyway. (edited)

Re: Solo clutch help

♣Slew Foot♣ /

At tractor supply centrifugal dry clutch axle dia.

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