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I've got this Bonanza whose engine is kind of a disaster but I'm hoping that maybe just maybe I can somehow make it all fit together again and perhaps even fire up. It's a long shot but what I really need right now is a diagram or pictures even of a complete Bonanza 3-speed engine. I'd like an exploded view but haven't found much out there on the internet. Figured someone might have something in a stash of manuals or whatever hiding away.

Anyhow, anything helps. I mostly need info on bearings/seals/clutches at this point.

Thanks good people

Re: Garelli Bonanza - help

I did not know they made 3 speed w/foot shift. I have worked on Garellis for maybe 7-8 years. I am in process putting a 5 speed one in mine (unless it fails leak test. Then I get to open up. What you need to know? They have a download of a manual, not specific, for a 3 speed. Most Right hand shift are the 4 speed jobs. I believe bearings and seals are the same size as VIP, at least that is what I bought. I looked up a photo of a Bonanza. Does yours have the radial finned head?


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Ok so I lied. It's a 2-speed manual shift. It's not the radial finned head. Looks like a Gulp engine only the head doesn't have the frame mount on it. It's been a minute since I've messed with the thing.

Have a picture that doesn't show you much but a crusty clutch. Mainly I'd like to find an exploded view of this engine... and a clutch.

Garelli Bonanza clutch side.jpg

Re: Garelli Bonanza - help

I forgot to mention it's a cable shifter with a twist grip selector on the bars.

Garelli Bonanza shifter.jpg

Re: Garelli Bonanza - help

I think I have a repair manual somewhere......

Re: Garelli Bonanza - help

The struggle is that the manuals I've found mention everything BUT a 2-speed with cable shift, and the cable shift 2-speed is distinctly different from the 3-4-5 speed foot shift engines.

The manuals get me so far. Right now I'm stuck trying to get the case split, but the dang gear selector fork is tying me up and I can't see a way to remove it.

Re: Garelli Bonanza - help

Dirty30 Dillon /

Two speed twist shift is like, a painfully tedious setup. All of the effort of shifting and none of the real benefits compared to an auto 2-speed.

Re: Garelli Bonanza - help

I mean you're right, but this thing is so obscure that I can't not fix it and ride it.

Also, thanks for your help bud.

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