Suzuki FA50 fuel cock

My Suzuki FA50 runs good with the fuel cock on "prime". When I put it on "run" it does ok for a while then stalls. I pulled the vacuum hose and sucked on it and fuel flowed on the fuel line. That tells me the fuel cock is working properly. Can I just run with it on prime? Would that cause any problems while running? Any suggestions?

Re: Suzuki FA50 fuel cock

Your sucking is more powerful than the suction of the intake .

I would take the petcock apart and clean it . It may have crud built up inside .

Be sure the vacuum tube fits snug on both ends .

It will run fine on Prime .

I would switch it to On when not ridden , like over night .

Re: Suzuki FA50 fuel cock

Michael Smith /

Ok thanks. That all makes sense. I was concerned that running on prime would flood the carb. I undstand turning it back to run when parked.

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