What's the deal with moped wiring?

I've been a member here about two years and enjoy reading a fair amout of threads.

Why do so many of you feel the need to rewire your bikes?

Are your wiring harnesses defective? Has the wiring disintegrated over the years? Other than some connectors coming off, all 20 of my bikes seem to run fine with their original, stock wiring. The only serious fixes I've had to take care of have been some tail light wires that rubbed on the tires and caused a short and were fixed by soldering, electrical tape, and some new casing.

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I rewire because when I kit the bike the overage that the regulator puts out will creep up the ground and blow bulbs.

I leave all my wires externally exposed so you can see everything quick disconnect on components. If in doubt replace wire. My killswitch is checking for intake airleak.

I am trying to get the overvolts to create an electro magnet instead of groundedvolts or heat. Hell a flashing warning panel like a nuclear plant would be cool sirens.....

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

Trent Anderson /

So, heavier wires or routing things differently?

And when you kit, are you generating more voltage because of higher rpm's?

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

Dirty30 Dillon /

> Trent Anderson Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> So, heavier wires or routing things differently?


Heavier gauge wire won't do anything, or help.

> And when you kit, are you generating more voltage because of higher

> rpm's?


Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

Richard Eberline /

Copper wire can and does age. The sheathing or outer cover cracks with heat and age.

Copper wire will oxides and turn green. The ignition output or feed and the Ground Wires are very important. Rewire what you need. I rewire mopeds because of bullshit splices in the wires. One moped had over 10 splices in a foot. Wiring is taken for granite to be in good enough condition. Wrong, test with a good OHM meter.

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

"taken for granted"

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Don't put it on a pedal stool....

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

I find that a horn, hi/lo and off are basically never used.

If I'm going to really work a bike, I wire the headlight to be always on and brake switches. That about it.

I usually wire an ignition switch as well. Won't stop anyone who knows what they're doing. But most people are dum so it works ok.

The only time I had a bike stolen was my Magnum. They disconnected the ignition switch fine, good start. Totally had no idea about the petcock. Bike was in a bush 1/2 a block away.lucky me

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

#1 reason, replacing things. Very regularly lights, blinkers and switches are broken or missing. Of the past 5 bikes only 1 had a complete set of working switches, and on 2 a faulty switch was a part of their problem. Then factor in new controls, new switches means often the old wiring doesnt work - a common one is NC to NO brake switches for example.

Going to a whole new ignition often means a rather drastic rearrangement.

#1.5 Customizing a bike people regularly use custom lights, many times single filament instead of the stock dual beam front and brake/tail rear.

#2, bikes with the taillight ground, best to avoid that potential for a problem

Combine any of those reasons and factor in simplicity (and laziness) - in all these cases it's by far simplest to start from scratch, omit potential for unseen faults and just go power to headlight an taillight, ignition to coil, and a simple kill switch or button. 3 wires and you have a ridable bike vs digging through a pile of spaghetti behind the headlight bucket with a multimeter and a wiring diagram trying to figure out which wire's orange and which ones are just faded red and why don't they have power when flipping the switch and I dont want to pay $15 and wait a week for a new switch so fuckit - hardwire

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Moped wireing is more of a state of being.

Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

My basket case rebuild had wires between the fuel tank and frame. They were rubbed bare. I believe that’s the reason it wouldn’t start. Got it sorted out runs at a smooth but slow 20mph!


Re: What's the deal with moped wiring?

hmmmmm.... reasons...

Some, like my beloved Frenchies, are prone to corrosion at the contacts of switches, (like a Moby's master switch from hell) so often re-harnessing a bike is necessary.

If you are porting so the magneto willoverspeed and generate more power, you will need to add a regulator and rewiring is a good idea rather than trying to adapt to OEM wiring schemes.

Bikes wired for the US market (thanks for nothing USDOT) have the annoying blue wire scheme (ignition is somehow wired to tail or brake light... or used in a feedback circuit to the horn via the master switch from hell) which is always a pleasure to rewire properly.

If you are going for modern lighting to rid moped of incandescent bulbs which have filaments which break from vibrations, you would want to use lighter gauge wiring as these lights have less demand than the oldies. Light gauge wires = thinner wiring harnesses = cleaner looking bike.

OR - perhaps you are restoring your moped into a museum quality display piece and jut want wiring that looks as goodly as the rest of your restoration.

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