Carburetor Question (Zenith 18 MXZ)


I recently bought a Puch Maxi in pretty good condition. The previous owner restored it and it runs fantastic for my first moped. For now I plan to just enjoy it and get to know the parts as they are, although I've started researching kits to figure out which one I'd like to get.

I've been looking at all the various parts to figure out what sort of maintenance I should perform. One of the first things I noticed was that fuel was leaking around carburetor. When I took it off and inspected it I realized that the carb is a bit different from everything i could easily find. It's a British-made Zenith 18 MXZ carburetter.

Once I got passed all the google search results for an American Zenith carbureter company that has a big following for tractor parts - and more importantly spelled it "carburetter" - results came in.

My question is does anyone have experience with these carbs? Whether it's buying parts or a good source of information. I've found some info, but I'm hesitant to go about buying anything for this carb. In all likelihood I'll be buying a new carb with more parts readily available. I figure someone might know a thing or two, though.

Some of the resources I've found:

Exploded view:


Re: Carburetor Question (Zenith 18 MXZ)

Never heard of it. I'd just order a bing but I am curious.

Does the bike run? If not, there's a chance it never even ran with it.

Re: Carburetor Question (Zenith 18 MXZ)

Looks like a fairly simple carb .

Where does the leak originate ?

And , what do you think the barb needs ?

Re: Carburetor Question (Zenith 18 MXZ)

It runs fine. I reached out to the previous owner. Maybe he'll have some background.

It looked like the leak was coming from the fuel inlet. I took that apart and inspected it. It seems fine. My intent was to get a carb rebuild kit and clean up the carb a bit. It's actually in pretty great shape as far as cleaning goes when I looked at it.

For now I've settled with closing the petcock and letting it run for a few seconds longer before turning it off.

Re: Carburetor Question (Zenith 18 MXZ)

> Michael R Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> For now I've settled with closing the petcock and letting it run for a

> few seconds longer before turning it off.

That's a good practice with any bike and likely all you'll have to do until you replace the carb , if that happens .

I wouldn't worry about a carb kit . There's nothing in that carb , beside a couple easily replaceable gaskets , that would need replacing . You could easily cut your own gaskets .

Re: Carburetor Question (Zenith 18 MXZ)

Pushrod Fifty /

The crush gaskets on the banjo fitting could be bad, you can find them easily enough.

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