Hobbit rebuild recommendations

I rebuilt bottom/top end of hobbit. 70cc DR, 15.15 SHA (may go back to stock), proma estoril.

Just put new tube/tire on front, repacked bearings and brakes look good.

Taking back off end now, making me think what else I should hit while I have it all broken down?

Things I'm considering, are they necessary/worth it?

- variator mod

- rear well transmission modification/rebuild?

- reeds

I feel I have the bike at speed I want, looking more for safety and reliability


Re: Hobbit rebuild recommendations

safety for me means brakes, stopping, adjusting controls lubing cables.lights work, rearview mirror.

Re: Hobbit rebuild recommendations

Yeah if you have the transmission and rear wheel disassembled it’s a good time to inspect seals and o-rings, brake pads, clean and lubricate brake components, etc.

Re: Hobbit rebuild recommendations

JCams had an awesome sleeper Hobbit, I don't think he is here any longer, but his posts will lead you to heaven.

Re: Hobbit rebuild recommendations

Daily rider/52mph sleeper.


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