Horrible / strange noise at pull-away - Raleigh RM6

Hey guys, some advice / input would be great. My Raleigh makes a hideous noise when pulling away. Whilst idling it is ok but when I raise the revs to pull away that’s when the noise kicks it. Once up to speed it does not seem to return but I haven’t tested the bike extensively.

I suspect the clutch, but I can’t be sure. I need to get the extractor / puller.

Hope the link to the YouTube video works


Re: Horrible / strange noise at pull-away - Raleigh RM6

Sounds like the moteur/velo switch on the driven pulley is not holding the arm against the drive sprocket behind the pulley. Often the spring is weakened, parts are gummed up and need lube, or the switch is not fully rotated.

Pulley operation as seen from the back


The moteur-velo switch is for compliance, usually the easiest way to go to just 'velo' is to remove the belt. I always lock wire the arm so it is fixed and never bother with mucking around with a feature not often used if ever. (just have to try to pedal the bike about a short while to see how horrible the gearing really is for a 'bicycle')


Re: Horrible / strange noise at pull-away - Raleigh RM6

mark Greenhalgh /

Thanks guys. Just went out to the garage to check the engagement / disengagement of that lever and it seems to work perfectly, lovely smooth action. I have noticed quite a bit of radial play in bottom bracket axle. I also note that the bottom bracket pulley is far from planer and the drive belt itself is shredded. I’m wandering if the pulley and / or bits of the belt are contacting the back of the clutch body.

Changing the bushes in the bottom bracket, to eliminate the play, sounds like a mission and I don’t think the pulley can be straightened out but I will give it a try!


Re: Horrible / strange noise at pull-away - Raleigh RM6


That pulley needs a bit of love...

Re: Horrible / strange noise at pull-away - Raleigh RM6

The pulley is trashed.

I will chime in and say that even though the movement looks good on the cycle/drive lever, it doesn't mean it's holding. Those things pop out all the time. A lot of people weld them in place.

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