Help with Peugeot regulator

I keep blowing headlight and running/brake lights aren’t working properly so got a new regulator but the color designations on the regulator don’t match wires on bike so not sure what wire goes to which prong. I know bottom right says headlight so I got that one. (edited)


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Re: Help with Peugeot regulator

Re: Help with Peugeot regulator

it works as an air coil transformer - The two yellows are either side of a coil - the terminals marked "Volantmag" and "Phare." these run from a lighting coils to the headlight. when the headlight is turned on, it induces a current through the other coil - "blanche" and "feurouge" (ground and taillight/speedo bulb).

here is another thread that may help,4291015,4291441,flat=1#msg-4291441

this should be all you need to figure it out!

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