Sachs 505 Timing

What is the correct timing for a Sachs 505 motor ? I have a 505 1c ,the service manual says 2.5-3 mm That would be 25-30 degrees below TDC. The flywhell has a 0 and an M stamped on it, the 0 lines up perfectly with my TDC. The M is 26 degrees from the 0. Should I use the manuals figures ? Most of what I’m seeing or reading says it shoul be around 16-20 degrees. Thanks

Re: Sachs 505 Timing

They intentionally restrict them by timing very advanced, i've seen some at 32deg. stock's usually around 25ish most bikes, I time close to 20, and as low as 15 on kits. I usually start at 17 and then test up/down 2 deg(ish) and see what's working best for the setup

Re: Sachs 505 Timing

Thanks for the experienced info ,this is about the last thing left to do before start up,

I’m waiting for the cylinder to come back from being honed. Thanks again

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