Streetmate R Headlight

Tried replacing the head light on my sons Streetmate with an LED bar. It would not power. I have seen several pictures online with replacement LED bar lights. Any help on how to make it work. Thank you.

Re: Streetmate R Headlight

12v ac/dc LEDs should work I imagine. But you would need a rectifier of some sort to run regular dc stuff. What are the specifications of ur bar?

For all I know the streetmate has dc lights already. But alas, no clue.

I prefer bulbs anyway. Good luck tho, someone with more exp points will chime in soon.

There's LOTS of threads already on LED setup's too, just make sure you select "all time" when u use the search function.

Re: Streetmate R Headlight

or search directly from google with "" in the search bar. that's always gotten me the best results

LED's work on AC, but being a diode they're a resistor with respect to the reverse current and can burn out fast. you'll want a rectifier regulator to keep from overvoltages and fullwave rectifier to DC for the best power and steady long lasting lighting. you gotta have the rightish voltage or LED wont work (like house voltage LEDs aint gonna light in a 12v moped), and if you're rectified, you need the right polarity

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