Suzuki FA50 needle seat replacement?


I just received my carburetor build kit from and have replaced everything but the needle seat (number 9 in the diagram).

The only problem is I'm having trouble getting the original one out. It seems like it's just a push-in sort of thing, held there by friction, so I tried to pull it out with a pair of pliers. It didn't work because there isn't much space to hold on to and all I've accomplished is chowdering up the brass a bit.

Basically I just need some tips on getting it out, I don't care about damaging it because I have a new one with my kit. (And also it's not the carburetor I'm using currently.)


Re: Suzuki FA50 needle seat replacement?

Exactly which carb are you trying to replace the seat in ?

I ask because some seats are not meant to be replaced .

If it is replaceable , you might tap the old seat and insert a screw , then carefully pry it out . You could also rig a puller to reach the same end .

Re: Suzuki FA50 needle seat replacement?

Turd Ferguson /

Tapping sounds like a good idea, if it's replaceable.

I'm using this clone.

On my stock carburetor, as per the diagram above which is pulled from the service manual, it appears like it's meant to be easily removable such as to replace the o-ring.

Maybe because it's a cheap clone that had the wrong jetting to begin with I shouldn't count on it being replaceable or true to the original, however.

Re: Suzuki FA50 needle seat replacement?

Post a pic of the clone seat you're working on .

Re: Suzuki FA50 needle seat replacement?

Turd Ferguson /

Yeah, I know I chowdered it up quite a bit with the pliers... all the more reason to replace it

Seller confirmed that it could indeed be replaced (edited)

Re: Suzuki FA50 needle seat replacement?

What we're seeing is not the most important part of the seat .

Look into that seat and see what the 'shoulder' , where the needle actually contacts the seat , looks like . It should be a slight ridge with a beveled edge .

That edge has to be smooth and clean .

If your efforts to remove the seat fail , try polishing that contact area with Q tips and Brasso or the like .

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