Hobbit stator felt

What is the purpose of this felt? Does it need to be replaced or anything applied to it as I reassemble?



Re: Hobbit stator felt

about 5 drops of oil

Re: Hobbit stator felt

That felt actually is very important..it wipes the lobe for the points to keep grease or oil from fouling the points and keeps the points lubed so they don't wear down so quick..

Re: Hobbit stator felt

Do you use oil or grease ? Any particular king or brand ? Thanks

Re: Hobbit stator felt

In the point days when you bought points they came with a capsule of point grease..you can get a tube of it at some parts stores still..i have used 30w motor oil in the past and also lithium grease.just don't over do it to the point it slings on the points and fouls them .if it does happen just clean the point gap and you'll be good to go again

Re: Hobbit stator felt

You could pull that felt out and clean it with brake cleaner .

That would puff it up a bit , insure good contact with the cam and better oil holding .

Re: Hobbit stator felt

That looks pretty bad. Treats has bulk felt get some and put a small amount of grease on it.

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