Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

So....I bought a moped from a “buddy” (who also happens to be a used car salesman lol. Thought it would be a great father/son project. Said all it needed was a new fuel filter and spark plug.

Whelp, that didn’t work. I cleaned out the fuel petcock, still didn’t work. I don’t have spark, and The carburetor and ignition coil Did but are wrong.

Can someone please point me to a good parts order ? Aftermarket is fine.


Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

I don't know anything about these, maybe someone will chime in. Look here for generic moped troubleshooting information. Good luck, hope you bought it cheap.


Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

What’s up with the rain?

Looks like a cdi set up. Remove cover a look for points*

Probably the primary coil or the cdi box is broken. Did you check cylinder pressure? How’s the gas tank look? Clean the carb?

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

I have had a few that have been sitting for 20 years or better. .first thing i do is check compression andfor spark..as stated if no spark i have found cdi box at fault...look for replacement on ebay or treats or doscycles..once you get spark and know you have compression drop the exaust because a lot of times it is clogged ,get a new spark plug ,put fresh mixed gas in the tank and see what you get ..i also use a little starting fluid most times..i didnt note but drop the exhaust before you chck compression because if it is clogged t might make you think it has no compression.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

I hate the rain! At least it’s not snow lol.

I’ll check the points tomorrow when it’s dry. Hopefully I’ll get some spark. I do have compression. Gas tank is cleaned.

The carb looks like it’s missing pieces. Would like to buy a new one, rather than disassemble and clean the old one.

I bought a new carb, but it’s def the wrong one. Tbh, I’d rather just buy all new parts. But i don’t even know what model this is. Panther ? Pacer ? Ankur ? Or where to even begin getting new aftermarket parts.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

Have you looked on the carb for a name and numbers or just numbers even..

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No. Sorry. I haven’t. Mainly cause I’m afraid once I take it off, I’ll break something even more, and not be able to fix it.

I do believe there are some geniuses in here who could tell me what model this is by looking at it lol. I know it’s an 05 Majestic by the Mfg plate. That’s it.

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It's a panther somebody threw a motorcycle tank on. And pegs for some reason.

You won't find a correct replacement carb. You might find the one they cloned tho.lol

But that doesn't matter, you need to pull the carb to clean it. If it breaks, oh well. Time to buy a dellorto Sha and some carb jets. If your dead set on an original post in the buy sell forum.

These are some of the worst mopeds ever imported and I wouldn't pay more than $50 for one running.

French mopeds are very finicky and aren't for beginners, now imagine an indian company trying to clone one...

Soo I'd say if the bill gets above that dump it and buy a Puch, Honda, minerelli or Sachs bike.

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Can't fix it if you don't take it apart ..just remember how you take it apart or take pictures before you do so you know what goes where

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

I bought a Dellorto sha. Doesn’t fit ?

Tomos A35 Dellorto Style SHA...


Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

If you're not prepared to clean a carb i'd suggest a different hobby.

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Gotta have an airfilter/screen on any carb you run. That tank is not an add-on. They had em in Panthers on after 2003 models,I believe. The tanks looked huge, but I was told they weren't so big in actual volume. They were single speed bikes.

Electrical was substandard on those(wiring,switches). I hope you can get it working.

They ride great if they ride like the older ones.

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As stated above. You need to clean the carb. Instead of wasting time trying to order the right ones, you could have cleaned the carb. They're pretty simple once you open them up. There's plenty of diagrams to look at as well. A carb doesn't work without spark. So I'd get spark first and go from there.

Truthfully, just get a Puch. So much easier. But as also stated above, if you can't or won't clean a carb, mopeds aren't for you. I'd stick with it and spend as little as possible.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

I can fix mopeds

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

Thanks all. When it finally dries up here in Ohio, I’ll go about checking the electrical, then trying to clean and figure out what pieces are missing on the carb.

To be clear, I dont mind cleaning the carb.

My experience in the past with car carbs has been terrible. Couldn’t put em back together, too finicky to fine tune. That’s why I’m more prone to just bolt on a new part than screw around with an old one. I know this carb is mis ing parts (air filter, etc). Don’t even know what kind of carb it is too get missing parts for. Or where to order new ones.

Money isn’t a big deal. I figure $75 a week could have this thing awesome by the time he’s actually old enough to ride it :)

I’m really impressed and grateful for all the responses thus far ! Thank you. I’ll keep you updated as we start getting into this :)

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

The carb probably has all the internal parts ..just take your time and lay it out as you take it apart in a way you can just go in reverse order and put it back together ..take pics before you remove things.probably the hardest part and it's not really hard if you pay attention is the slide where your throttle cabl e connects has a small tab inside the carb that lines up with a slot in the slide and you have a needle on the end that will slide. Into your jet..you can do it if you just take your time and pay attention..as for tuning ..you will still have to tune even if you buy a new carb (edited)

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

Moped carburetors are simple compared to car carburetors. To fit a dellorto you'll need to remove the old carburetor and measure the diameter of the intake, then see if you can find a bushing to match.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

Got stuck trying to take the flywheel apart to clean, so I figured I’d take some pics and upload them till the tool I need arrives.

Is it just me, or does everything on this bike look weird ? The wiring is weird. The carburetor has extra hoses coming off of it. I’m not sure the clutch is even adjusted right. Maybe y’all can tell me what I’m looking at.

Anyways, I’ll get the flywheel pulled apart and cleaned soon. Hoping for spark !


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Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP



Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

If you're checking spark with the plug hanging that way you won't get any..the spark plug base (where the plug socket goes) has to be grounded

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That carb looks like a mikuni clone. The extra hose on the left side is a vent, you just need a piece of hose to loop downward somewhere out of the way. You'll need a threaded puller for the flywheel, dont try to use a jaw puller. Under the flywheel are two coils and a trigger. I doubt the coils are the issue, the trigger could be, but I'd suspect external issues (wiring, cdi box, ht coil, plug wire boot) before I suspected internal issues especially since the flywheel doesn't look like it's seen too much moisture.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP


I think this is the right wiring diagram.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

Hero’s actually have pretty solid ignitions, the cdi box can go out, the switches and wiring is probably suspect.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

Gotta be a rider in Dayton area that will help you out. I have faith in Ohio riders.

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instead of taking pictures just spray some premix in plug hole and drill start, might fire right up.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

I really like that idea. Lol.

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

#1, #2 and #3, read Fred's guide: https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Fred%27s_Guide

#4, get a new spark plug. check spark. if no spark still, disconnect the kill wire from the CDI, essentially hotwiring it, this bypasses all switches so you can see if that's the trouble. it's a red wire on the CDI box (looks like theres 2 red wires, i mean the one going to the harness and up to the ignition switch), just disconnect it (snip it if you have to and splice it back later)

#5) if still no spark, keep red disconnected, check the other red and white for continuity from stator to the CDI box, and check blue from the box to the HT coil. spin it with a drill; chuck up a socket for the flywheel nut in a drill to turn it over while checking spark. check power on those wires. double check all the grounds with a multimeter too.

#6) If it's getting power in on the red from stator and at least tiny measurable pulses from the trigger, white from the stator, but nothing outta the CDI box on blue, and you know grounds are OK, then try new box. check the pinout, i strongly suspect it's a "5-pin cdi box" and almost any 5 pin 2 stroke CDI box will work, theyre cheap and easily found on ebay and amazon, usually including a HT coil too., you'll have to figure out wiring because wire colors wont match, but it's explained here: https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Hobbit_CDI_Wiring different bike but same info applies to you. also here: https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Performance_racing_CDI

#7) IF you can get it to spark, then worry about the carb. I guarantee it'll be easier to repair the one on there, because it'll already be tuned to the bike. there are FAR FAR less parts than car carbs, and knowing how to clean it quick on the fly can be a big help. you shouldnt need mre than a phillips and a flathead and a clean space to put everything. that carb looks like a clamp-on clone of the mikuni VM12 (probably 12 anyway). There are zillions of minutely different versions of those carbs, but if you need to, a clamp-on VM12 should work, like the ones yamaha used on the QT50's and PW50s, which were popular enough to have replacements available. It's not identical but it doesnt need to be if it fits the clamp. you will definitely need to buy a range of jets and swap them until it's working right, so even if you buy new you will 100% need to be disassembling and reassembling it to swap jets. check out this QT50 VM12 for comparison:

Beyond that it looks like the base of that clutch is blued pretty badly. I dont know the specifics of that engine (hero is not a very common engine in the moped world and an oddball mashup clone of several others), but i'd suspect it's got maybe a starter clutch under there that's always sortof stuck on and was just rubbing and scorching that bell.

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^very kind of u will

Re: Father/son Fail? 05 Hero Majestic HELP

You said you had electric to the coil but the plug didn't have spark. So I would buy a new spark plug cap and possibly a new spark plug. I know its raining in the pic but I have a feeling you have water in the gas which should be drained. Also as stated you might need to clean the carb or replace it.

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