7MM Pinch Bolt Torque Specs

Simon Belmont /

Hi, can someone please give me a clear answer regarding 7MM pinch bolt (for brake cable) what is the safe torque specs for it in Inch/Lb?

Already ruined 2 bolts over-tightening / striping threads just wane do this right.

Please advise.

Re: 7MM Pinch Bolt Torque Specs

I don't think there's a spec. I've only ever just tightened the hell outta those. If they're the bolt-head ones and the head snaps off, well if it's on the cable it'll still stay there. If theyre the little inset screw ones, i get those as tight as possible and often have to grinder them a little to fit in a throttle.

anyway, tight as possible and even broken is OK

Re: 7MM Pinch Bolt Torque Specs

what do ya do when u take it off...

line up the flats, drop the pin in, snug it up, and then whack it, snug, whack, snug whack, snug.

Re: 7MM Pinch Bolt Torque Specs

if you're taking it off it's because the cable's not good anymore and you use a new one

they're not like an on/off kinda part, it's just a makeshift way to create your desired cable lengths

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