Magnum MKII Hydraulic Fork Rebuild

Hey everyone, probably have gotten myself in over my head again, but that's the fun I here's what I got.

Decided to take apart my forks...I know, I know, probably shouldn't have, but I did so here we are.

Anyway, I've failed to find anything online about it. Pretty much just following the service manual, but want to double check my process in putting back together. The service manual says to "assemble in reverse order to dismantling"

When tightening the piston to the sliding tube, at some point it just spins because there is nothing to counteract it. So I got myself a comically long flat head screw driver and stuck it down the assembly and in the top of the piston in order to give a counteract to the nut. Is this accurate? Have a completely screwed myself? Is there another way?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Magnum MKII Hydraulic Fork Rebuild

Ah, remember running into this. My guess is the lil plastic dampener guy is in the wrong spot, cuz when properly assembled the threads should hold still when torquing the nut on the bottom. I fully assembled one leg using a pipe before cracking open the next one and realizing my mistake haha. If i remember right the dampener should go under the top spring in the upper fork tube but i can check at the shop tomorrow if ya want

Re: Magnum MKII Hydraulic Fork Rebuild

Oh man I completely forgot about posting this. If you're still willing to check that would be awesome! I would really appreciate it. I've been away and unable to work on it so it's just sitting there waiting for me to get back to it!

Re: Magnum MKII Hydraulic Fork Rebuild

+1 :)

Re: Magnum MKII Hydraulic Fork Rebuild

fersure, so attached is the fork leg disassembled

what I was trying to say (very poorly re-reading it now lol) was if the inner spring positions are wrong, like long in the upper leg or both in the lower, the main spring and nut will not be able to hold the threads in place.

The upper leg should have the fork bolt, main spring, dampener, and short inner spring in that order. The long inner spring goes in the lower.

All this said, i realize now that using the main spring and bolt is mechanically the same as a long pipe haha, but i guess it’s a nice test that you did it right before fillin it w/ oil


Re: Magnum MKII Hydraulic Fork Rebuild

huh interesting. I guess I must have it in the wrong order. I'm out of town for a couple weeks, but I'm definitely going to get back to it once I back. I'll let you know how it works out. Thanks again, huge help!

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