Hobbit carb needle valve seat.

On a post several months back I mentioned that I picked up several carbs for a Honda Hobbit. Well finally got to looking at them today and noticed that one did not have a seat for the needle valve. Question - is this fixable and where does one get a seat for this 1978 carburetor. Any helps would be appreciated. Thanks and Have a Happy and SAFE New Year. Jack

Re: Hobbit carb needle valve seat.

Pretty sure the valve seat is not sold separately .

Probably best to pick up a used or clone .

Re: Hobbit carb needle valve seat.

2nd that, snag a used stock carb on buy/sell. if you post a WTB on there you should find one quick for like under 20 bucks, people toss those in favor of better aftermarket carbs regularly, and theres so many stock clone replacements that there's no market for the original carbs, except for like if you really want one i guess. and you dont even need a complete working one, just enough of one that you can frakenstein it's body together with another to raise one from 2 dead.

or just get rid of it. cuz a busted stock hobbit carb's about useless.

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