Piston /Ring Install

Do you use a piston ring install tool to make the job easier ? Thank You

Re: Piston /Ring Install

Nope, I walk it around into the first land. Then walk it into the second.

ie- put the ring flat on the toppa the Piston, get one edge into the groove and rotate my thumb around the top pushing it in. It'll twist but won't bend it outward.

Re: Piston /Ring Install

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Sometimes it's easier to install the Piston into the cylinder first and then put the wrist pin in and then clip it making sure the clips don't fall into the engine mind you

Re: Piston /Ring Install

I use my thumbs to lightly spread the ring ends , while fitting the ring over the piston .

Piston mounted on the rod with clips in place should flop freely .

Rings in proper position on the piston .

Piston gets started into the cylinder , until stopped by the top ring . That insures the piston is going in straight .

I use my fingernails or a small screwdriver to seat the rings in the landings .

The beveled edge at the bottom of the cylinder helps to finish seating the rings , allowing the piston to move up for a repeat on the lower ring .

Don't forget to place the base gasket before starting that^ process . ;)

Re: Piston /Ring Install

I carefully walk the ring sideways onto the end of a good screwdriver, then it just slips right onto the piston without a argument, you only need to open the ring up about 4-6mm so dont use a screwdriver that is too fat.


Re: Piston /Ring Install

Thanks for all the tips ,the cylinder is being rehoned should get it back this week.

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