A35 exaust

I took my turbo exhaust off my A34 and pulled it apart the packing inside was coated in old oil .anybody know the correct way and amount of packing that is supposed to be in a biturbo exhaust.. will it hurt to run without the packet I know as loud as hell without the packing is there any quick performance enhancements to be done??

Re: A35 exaust

Read :


You might consider using brass wool for packing . ;)

Re: A35 exaust

Can I put a 2stroke exhaust from a dirt bike on my A35?? What will it do for performance?

Re: A35 exaust

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Go for it there is no wrong answer...

Re: A35 exaust

the baffle side does little for performance, its more chamber n header. do u know how to weld?whats the goal and what do u have n whatcha done.

Re: A35 exaust

When I say exhaust I'm talking about the whole thing yeah I know how to weld but I think there's more power to get from the exhaust being changed

Re: A35 exaust

Dirty30 Dillon /

What dirtbike? Most likely your Tomos will not have the porting or displacement to really take advantage of the pipe, but it won't necessarily be awful.

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