New Engine to replace Sachs 504

Hi everyone. I have a 1977 Foxi GT Deluxe that has a Sachs 504/1c engine on it. I thought a while back I had seen a thread about someone replacing the same engine on a different moped with a new Honda 50cc clone but cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or what other engines might fit the same mounting points that are already on the bike?

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

The only things that are going to fit the Sachs mounting points are other Sachs motors. You could get a shifty Sachs motor or a 505/1D if you want better performance

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

505 won't fit as it has built in pedals. Different engine.

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

> Aaron Blair Wrote:

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> 505 won't fit as it has built in pedals. Different engine.

Derp my bad you're absolutely right

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

Is it the KTM Foxi? Then an E50/za50 will fit it just fine

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

Shit totally forgot about that. Diddnt they use adapters or something for the Sachs angine?

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

yeak, ktm foxi was made to fit a puch, but used an adapter to fit a 504. it's not a direct bolt in replacement, will take some fandangling, but it's much easier than a lifan swap like the op was talking about.

please, never lifan swap a moped. it's like the worst thing you can do to one.

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

This is not that foxi. This the the gt sport also known as the Sparta foxi. You’re hosed unless you can do some welding. Even if you manage to hack some brackets onto the frame for a Lifan, the frame is 2 pieces and will crack from normal use with the 504. Any more power is sure to tear that schnitzel frame apart.

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

Joseph Bump /

Thank you to everyone who replied. I guess I’ll just keep the 504 on it. And for clarification, it is the one made by KTM in Austria. I was just hoping to make it a little faster

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

Oh shit! game on then!

you have literally the only sachs moped that an engine swap is easy. There's an adapter bracket in the frame that the engine is bolted into. with that removed, a puch engine fits directly, e50 or za50. Well, not 100% directly, I think theres some tabs to grind off or whatever, but it's pretty much straight bolt-on!

now to find a puch motor!

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

I must return, because I personally like the sachs motor. I recently had a sachs which unlike yours did not have an easily removed bracket, and they welded in a whole set of engine mounting brackets to fit a puch e50 motor.

Being a fan of sachs, I used the KTM mount (from someone such as you who discarded their sachs 504 in favor of the boring old e50) to mount a sachs back in place of an e50!

So you see my point, I've personally gone the reverse of what you intend to do, just because sachs are kinda fun.

As far as welding in other mounts, you'd have to weld in a bracket. I think kikker 5150 was this shitty company making choppers with those honda clone "lifan" motors, but they sold I believe weld-in brackets. Beware lots of reports of them not shipping orders the past year or 2. You could weld in mounts for the lifans but theyre much bigger, heavier and longer. Many frames they wont even fit without hitting the front wheel, and the much much greater weight is super hard on your welds (like have it done pro if you're at all uncertain of your weldy skillz) and on the frame.

Daniel was referring to the other foxi (which I thought you had also), those have already incredibly weak frame designs, the KTM one should survive though, but welding onto the frame which is also the tank, that's risky.

Other motorswaps are possible, people motor swap all kinds of stuff in mopeds. Hobbit is perhaps mos common because it requires only one pivot mount to be welded since the engine and swingarm are all one piece. of course then you'd need pretty much a complete donor hobbit, and that's a better bike left as is than the foxi would be anyway!

Re: New Engine to replace Sachs 504

I second sticking with the 504. I rescued a 504 and the Westlake it was attached to. Both should have been scrapped for parts or just scrapped. I had to rebuild the engine twice because the cranks big end bearing failed after a bit of thrashing. It hits 40 something now with the Airsal kit and a pipe with the stock carb. The clutch has been just fine. Don't believe all the negative from those that never ran one. I did have to replace the steel clutch disk that the donut rubbed against as a groove had worn. I'm guessing due to rust as the clutch has been open to the elements for who knows how long. It's always easier to repair what you have instead of reinventing the wheel. Although some people have special skills in this area. It's another fun ped for me.

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