Perplexed on Stuck Gears

Polly Prissypants /

Completely tore down my C102 for a full resto. I was excited to start motor assembly until I spent six hours on an annoying issue.

Here’s the problem. Shift drum and gears are (I thought) correctly placed. I can easily rotate and cycle through the 3 gears and neutral when the left case is face up. Kickstart spindle is working as intended.

I can lay the right case on top and seat. Gears spin fine, shift drum works well. Kick spindle works.

I then tighten all case bolts down and the gears lock up. I’ve opened and closed the case 10 times without isolating the issue.

Any pointers? I’m stuck. It’s a 64, Honda C102.

Re: Perplexed on Stuck Gears

Did you measure your end foat?Your cases aren't shimmed properly.

Maybe put one in the wrong spot? is end float depandant on gasket thickness like a za?

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