Fork Plate/handlebar replacement on 1978 Garelli Gran Sport

Hey everyone,

This is my first post, apologies for the wall of text

I picked up a garelli gran sport around the end of summer. It's my first moped and is primarily used for commuting. So far I've only had to do some minor maintenance (clean exhaust, tighten brakes, etc..) and I've been watching youtube and going through the forums here to learn how to maintain the bike.

I recently noticed my handlebars were a little wobbly. I figure its no problem, just tighten the clamps. Should be easy, right?

Well it turns out it's not so simple on these bikes... Unfortunately they thought it was a good idea to weld the handle bar clamp to the bars themselves. Those welds are now starting to crack, as is the opening where the head nut gets screwed in to attach the bars to the fork.

To make matters worse, the top fork plate is also developing cracks. I've looked online for a replacement plate but it appears the bars and the plate are basically impossible to find. I bought a puch fork plate from treatland but that was a few millimeters off on each side so I cant attach it to my fork.

I figure I have a few options:

1. Try and get a welder/fabricator to either repair/reinforce my fork plate or make a new one (and modify it so I can use regular handlebars on it)

2. See if any of you nice people have the parts I need/would be willing to sell them :)

3. Replace everything (fork, handlebars, etc) I really don't want to do this since this seems like it'd be the most expensive and time consuming, and the fork itself is fine, its just the top plate that needs replacement. Also it appears that these garelli forks are very difficult to find (go figure...) I was thinking about using an EBR fork but I cant find any info that would verify that they would fit. I found a thread on here but it was discussing a super sport and the results were inconclusive.

Obviously my knowledge is very limited so I was hoping that someone with more expertise could provide some direction. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks if you read all that!

Re: Fork Plate/handlebar replacement on 1978 Garelli Gran Sport

i say spend 100 bucks on a used welder set and have at it, you ll learn a new essential moped skill. but easiest would be to post for a later triple tree n clamps on buy sell.

Re: Fork Plate/handlebar replacement on 1978 Garelli Gran Sport

One should always post pics of the subject. Pics please

Re: Fork Plate/handlebar replacement on 1978 Garelli Gran Sport

1978 was a transitional year for several changes made on Garelli mopeds of all models.

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