New Build...The Super Bee..MX

O.K. first of all I have to give props to Chris in NH for this little beauty I picked up a while back which inspired me to create my own version from some bits and pieces I had laying around. Got the frame from one of the good guys in Somerville. and most of the bits from the moped Gods of Treats of course. More pics to follow. Decided I hadn't really been using some of my time as productively as I would like to lately so here goes.

Re: New Build...The Super Bee..MX

Here is the bike I got from Chris. I call it the Rat Mob. Thing rips. 70cc Airsal kit and crank. I've done a few mods to make it more ridable for myself and it still has an ignition issue where the cdi is getting backfed or possibly some kind of voltage drop when riding with the headlight on but I don't usually ride at night so not as big of a deal for me. I'll get to the bottom if it eventually. This bike is the inspiration for the Super Bee...patience moped peeps..more Moped porn to come, Ha!


Re: New Build...The Super Bee..MX

Just mocking stuff up, figuring out frame mods etc.


Re: New Build...The Super Bee..MX

Miscellaneous debris..

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