Some V1/Carabela starter clutch questions.

Earlier this summer I bought a Garelli Frankenbike with a Carabela swing arm, shocks extended about a foot connected with just one bolt that would surely fail at the slightest bump, a Carabela gas tank, and what appears to be the V1 clone. The bike also came with a tub of parts, including the original gas tank, swing arm, chain guards, foot rests, 2 Garelli engines in states of disassembly, and more, all for $150, and I only had to drive about 50 mIles round trip.

Several weeks ago, I drove 500 miles round trip to Rochester to pick up Motron #10 for the same price, plus tolls, a tank and a quarter of gas, plus food.

The V1 was frozen up pretty bad and will need at least a new piston, rings, and carburator after I soaked it in PB Blaster for a few days and still had to pound it out.

For the moment and to avoid spending any money, I wanted to get the Motron as close to "ready to go" and the Garelli into a roller, so I have both bikes in an unfinished living room. I thought I would try an engine swap as well and use the Carabela on the Motron to see if it actually ran.

The starter clutch on the the Carabela doesn't want to engage. I drained the oil and removed the clutch bath cover. The oil, or whatever it was, looked the color of a strawberry milkshake and didn't smell like non detergent 20 weight. (I was told the Frankenbike ran recently)

When I checked out the lever that engages the starter clutch, I noticed the usual, deeper than normal, divit where the lever hits the ball bearing on the starter clutch. Also, the Carabela has no leaf springs?

I removed the huge C-clip that holds the starter clutch into the clutch bell, and noticed the spring underneath.

So the questions would be:

1. Any thoughts on that strawberry oil?

2. Does a Carabela have leaf springs?

3. Is the lever from a V1 interchangeable, as I think that divit is so deep that it prevents the starter clutch from engaging.

4. Should I be able to move that starter clutch in just by pushing? There's that nice spring, there's plenty of pad, but the C-clip holds it really close to the clutch so it looks like very little movement between engaged and disengaged.

5. Is that deep divit preventing engagement?

Thanks in advance.

Included is the picture of the Garelli Frankenbike.


Re: Some V1/Carabela starter clutch questions.

Strawberry must be atf type f.

Re: Some V1/Carabela starter clutch questions.

Strawberry milkshake sounds like ATF with a good dose of water mixed in .

That would make for a pink creamy soap .

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