Av 89-sp 50 exhaust

In the process of cleaning this up. Any pro suggestions on how to clean it. 1963 rarity!


Re: Av 89-sp 50 exhaust

I'd fiber wheel the can and chrome polish the header .

These do a good job on old paint . If you use it on chrome , it produces a brushed finish ( can you believe that ? LOL ) .

Re: Av 89-sp 50 exhaust

With what products for polishing?

Re: Av 89-sp 50 exhaust

Walmart carries a few different polishes that will do a decent job for about 5 bucks or less .

Turtle Wax


And I think White Diamond , but it's about 15 bucks .

Re: Av 89-sp 50 exhaust

Wire brush and prep it for plating then nickel plate it

Re: Av 89-sp 50 exhaust

Thanks for your responses

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