Nc50 Honda Express Gasket Question

Is there suppose to be a gasket where the reedblock/intake goes?

Also, do I need to use any gasket maker or will not using anything seal up alright?


Re: Nc50 Honda Express Gasket Question

***Kim Jong illest*** /

The reeds have like a rubbery coating on them that often comes apart and tears when you remove them.

I've gone both ways. Either use a little indian head shellac on the existing gasket material, or get the gaskets, clear all the rubber off, then use Indian head and install the new gaskets.

Re: Nc50 Honda Express Gasket Question

Thanks for the response! I bought a bottle last night for like $3.99. I think I should be good to just use the what's left of the rubber material paired with the Indian Head Shellac. How hard is it to remove the Shellac in the future? Will I be able to just scrape it off? Thank you!

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