78 and 80 Bat' Starflites!!


I traded a 77 Newport for these two beauties yesterday. Yes, I fit them BOTH in the back of a Subaru Outback! Currently fighting a seized piston trying to get the top end off of the 78. Have to do the same for the 80, but the 78 is in better condition overall... so that's the one I'm starting with.

Once I get that mother$@#&!^& piston freed, I have to swap it out with a different one I just acquired cause somebody took a chisel or something to the thing and tore up the top. Ugh. The bottom end is beautiful on the engine and I dont wanna take it apart - and I dont have the right size puller so that ain't happening anyway. Will need to replace the seals. It was a wreck and literally fell into pieces. Also, I found a little spider living in the engine! It jumped ship pretty fast. I need to run a new front brake line, reattach the speedometer to the front wheel, put on a new belt, new plug, and somebody wired an aftermarket key in place of the kill switch- which I dont have a key for... using what looks like an old lamp or extension cord for the wire. Yeesh. The front fender was installed wrong, probably when the front wheel was swapped out. The tank interior is gorgeous and the petcock seems to be intact. I will need to swap out the fuel line and I havent looked at the guts of the carb yet but it's all there at least :-) Really the hardest part is the ruddy piston. Anybody have any advice on that? Its murderous lol. Anything I can use to break the crud free and move the top end all the way off? Thanks!


Re: 78 and 80 Bat' Starflites!!

Sweat looking rides. The spider is a nice touch.

Re: 78 and 80 Bat' Starflites!!

Look like my two twins I’m selling. Both been sitting for 28 years got from original owner one has 600 miles other 800 miles.


Re: 78 and 80 Bat' Starflites!!

Awesome spider! :) Soak the whole mess in PB blaster. I love the looks of these bikes, they get kind of a bum rap, but I would ride one. (edited)

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So I am currently soaking both cylinders in high viscosity oil hoping that its gonna seep through the crap and help me break these pistons free. The 78 has been resistant to say the least. I havent really tried on the 80 yet. Anyone have good suggestions on this front? Right now all I have is WD40.

Also, somebody tore the crap out of the piston with a screwdriver or something... maybe trying to hammer the piston free? I dunno, it wasnt me. I have another piston for it, but my question is, can it be resurfaced or something? I am not metallurgically inclined so I doubt it's something I could do... just a matter of curiosity really.


Oh, the carnage!

Re: 78 and 80 Bat' Starflites!!

> Stephen Keller Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Awesome spider! :) Soak the whole mess in PB blaster. I love the looks

> of these bikes, they get kind of a bum rap, but I would ride one.

I will look into getting some PB blaster asap. Currently I be broke. 4 kids and a moped addiction do not make for a full wallet lol.

I Love Bats. I'm not into upgrading or anything, I love me a good stock bike... and these Bats are bloody tanks and I love them. I have Puch, too... but I definitely like the Bats better. More solid to me :-) Personal opinion, folks. I am also a heavy guy and the Bats seem to take my weight happier. (edited)

Re: 78 and 80 Bat' Starflites!!

I used to use pb blaster until I tried this:


Re: 78 and 80 Bat' Starflites!!

I enjoy BATs as well

Every time I see the name Starflite I think of the domestic Dutch version: Starflite GTS


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