Motobecane 50V clips

So after struggling with especially the second clip on the variator side I wanted to share my experience that may help some newbie like me.

The first clip can be removed with a normal snap rings pliers or just two pointed slim picks. However, the second clip is different. I went through the cheap harbor freight snapping pliers and their better pliers that is the copy of the 30$ (at Lowes) channel lock snap ring pliers. None of these worked even with some playing around.

You must get either the treats 90 degree or do some serious grinding on a slim and long pair of needle nose to manage it.

That is all. :)

Re: Motobecane 50V clips

U got that from the YouTube video!

Rocco’s tips: once you get the first clip off you have about a 1/4” of play in the variator. Push it all the way back against the engine this makes removing the last clip easy becuase you can get a good grip on it.

To remove the washer use a pair of picks:

when you spread the 15mm clip pull the variator towards you and the clip will slip off with the variator. (edited)

Re: Motobecane 50V clips

I watched all the videos and still struggled.

Re: Motobecane 50V clips

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