Suzuki FA50 Reserve Issues?

The other night it finally happened, I ran out of gas on my way home after forgetting to hit a gas station.

So I did the reasonable thing and set my petcock from ON to RES, and got about another 20 yards or so before my engine petered out again.

The manual says there's supposed to be a tenth of a gallon of reserve fuel, so what gives? Are older mopeds just like this or is there something wrong with my tank/fuel line?

It's not a world ending problem. I get great mileage otherwise and it and I'm usually anal about keeping the tank full, this is more of a curiosity than anything. (edited)

Re: Suzuki FA50 Reserve Issues?

I've never tested my FA50 to see how far reserve would get me , so I can't speak to that .

There are in tank fuel filters ( #12 below ) . The reserve is located lower than the regular run filter and I suppose it might be clogged . Worth checking .

Re: Suzuki FA50 Reserve Issues?

It's 40 years old and needs your help.

Id check all hoses and passages for blockages (edited)

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