Grease suggestions

As I put my engine back together do folks have a suggestion for a engine grease that I can get locally. I do have black automobile grease if that works.

Thanks Ken

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I use this or some 2 stroke oil.


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Richard Eberline /

depends what you are greasing1

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DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

I just picked up my first grease gun (it's tiny and moped sized) and have been using

this grease

it is not super thick. and seems good so far.

the black automotive stuff is ok but idk if i'd use it in small bearings and stuff i mostly just put it on axles.

I have used parktool polylube 1000 that i had left over from my bicycle days and it's a very nice grease. not the best in hot environments but it has lovely lubricity and is good for stuff like clutches and pulleys and stuff. I think the marine grease is a better all purpose grease though.

tbh it really doesnt matter. grease gonna grease. what are you greasing? I don't use grease at any step in engine assembly; 2 stroke oil is fine.


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Blue grease is great for trailers and anywhere with lots of water but not for mopeds, it turns into small rocks over time. Use a good multi-purpose grease and you'll be fine.

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Just GP Lithium grease will work

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Oo I have never used grease when putting a moped 'engine' together..... The rest of the bike yeah.

What are you using grease on in the engine?

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Oh hell. I didnt see it's for a engine. two stroke oil only. I feel really dumb.

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No problem, grease is fuel soluble so it will just be a bit smokey for the first run.

> Jeff Parr Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Oh hell. I didnt see it's for a engine. two stroke oil only. I feel

> really dumb.

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