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Honestly, I tried to search the Wiki and this forum, couldn’t find the answer. I’m rebuilding the Bing for my E50. What is a good number of turns to put on the mixture screw for initial startup? This moped was seriously ill, so the screw was all the way in when I got it. Tried the service manual too, nothing in the carb section...

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I always do 1.5-2 turns

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There is no air mixture screw on a stock e50 bing. That is the idle screw.

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Dan (high idle) Conway /

> Stephen Simmons Wrote:

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> I always do 1.5-2 turns

This^ I’ve found with Bings especially there is a point where the screw will get super sensitive around 1.5-2 turns out.

I hope rebuilding the carb solved your airleak,

make sure you install it with a proper 0 ring on the intake. If the engine has original 40 year old bearings/seals and you still have an airleak, it’s probably time for a proper rebuild.

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Thanks. I realize that the mixture is handled by the pin on the throttle assembly, but having the idle close to correct will help a lot starting an engine that hasn’t run in over 30 years. Much obliged

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

In general two-stroke Theory from a motorcycle mechanic for many many years you always open up the throttle wide open and hold it and then screw down the idle screw to closed and then it is either like he said one and a quarter turns or 4 and 1/2


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ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

it's just your idle speed, set it to what seems right. I typically like mine just about as low as it can go cos I like sound, but as long as it's not engaging the clutch, it's whatever.

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Roger that, make sure the screw doesn’t damage the throttle slide...

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