My first NA50 yeah buddy

Jack Rutherford /

I was coveting motorheads yellow express frame and look what shows up at my door a day later -


Frame plus more (edited)

Re: My first NA50 yeah buddy

And , even mostly there .

Ask and ye shall receive .

I guess you must have done something good . ;)

Re: My first NA50 yeah buddy

Nice! Love those odd balls!

Re: My first NA50 yeah buddy

Thats spooky ain't it? I hated to part out the yellow nc50 Jack, but the frames bent on it. I did try to bend it back in a press only to flat spot the main down tube. Let me know if ya need anything parts wise. Nice score...dusty but it'll clean up nice. Headlight bucket looks pristine and the seat looks great. Looks 99.9% complete. I always wanted to ride some of these other versions of the express for comparison. I'm sure that will ride much better than any nc50. (edited)

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