Re: Moby 50v next step?


In the rebuild what parts get just a bit of grease or oil? And a recomendation for grease. I do have a tub of black automotive grease.

Will I be able to get the bearings and seals on without heating them?

Anything else I need to do while the whole thing is apart? I am going to try to avoid detaching the cylinder.



Re: Moby 50v next step?

Ken, you need to spend, at minimum, a few days doing nothing but searching and reading about rebuilding and repairing Motobecane mopeds with an AV7 motor. If you enter these phrases in the search window, and adjust search settings to all dates and all forums, you will literally find hundreds, if not thousands, of posts to learn from. Search for:

Av7 rebuild

Motobecane rebuild

Motobecane crank seals

Also, have you even been to the wiki tab? Read all the links you find at this page. You gotta do a bunch of your own legwork. Spend some time learning this stuff and you’ll be much less frustrated. Searching is a pain on here, but it is vitally important to your success.

Re: Moby 50v next step?

Thanks again. (edited)

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