Gurtner Carb suggestion

So I can't speak to if you want to keep it but...

When are you putting the carb back on, push in onto the intake but leave it loose and move it to about the 10:30 position if you are standing on the bike. At this position the throttle and choke portion will go back in much easier then you can secure it with the screw. After this is done put the carb back to the proper 12:00 position and tighten down. This procedure will help with the tight spaces issue.

Hope this helps someone.


Re: Gurtner Carb suggestion

Most excellent tip.

Re: Gurtner Carb suggestion

Josiah Radebaugh /

Good tip Indeed! I've never had an issue with it as I always tighten it down after the cables are in place but handy to know nonetheless.

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