Would you replace these wheel bearings?

1981 Yamaha QT50, with just 700 miles on it. I recently took ownership of it and got it running. New top 60cc top end and new carb (fuel issues with original).

Runs great now and I took it for spin the other day and noticed the front wheel dragging. The hub was getting hot. I suspected bearings and pulled the wheel off. It turns out that one of the brake shoes actually de-laminated and the loose piece was getting trapped under the remaining pad, causing the massive drag. Simple fix - I ordered a set of brake pads (front and rear) but ordered the wrong size wheel bearing for the front (Yeah, I'm the kind of guy who orders things before understanding the real issues...).

Realizing that these particular bearings can't be used, I'm biased toward putting it back together with just the new brake pads so I can be done winterizing it.

The original bearings only have 700 miles on them and the grease is still there and very clean. Who would replace low mileage bearings in this case?

I've restored a number of older bikes and always did bearings as standard procedure, mostly because I didn't know the history. I'm curious what others do?

Re: Would you replace these wheel bearings?

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

I’d run with the old ones. I only replace ball bearings due to high mileage or scoring on the surface of the balls. Clean out all the old grease, install new grease and the old balls and go have fun.

Re: Would you replace these wheel bearings?

I'll usually clean the bearings but almost never replace em. It's good to get in old wheels and clean out the stuck old grease, clean em up and repack but unless theyre rust,y pitted or grooved on the cones I dont replace anything, just clean and new grease. On bicycles i'm a little more willing to replace but that's usually cuz i'd have bought caged bearings in lots, and it's easiest to grease up a new one and throw it in. even then it's the cages that're usually the worst problem, loose bearings i'd still clean and repack with new grease whenever possible.

If it's sealed bearings though, I'll replace those again just cuz theyre cheap and it's easier. But theyre also alot less likely to have issues and dont need readjusting the way cup and cone loose bearings do

And on quick flips, it's often just not worth the extra time. you're not gonna get anything but a little peace of mind to spend the time and money on it, and whoever snags it isn't gonna notice. IIn those cases it's the buyer's prerogative- if they're planning on building a keeper, you do the details

Re: Would you replace these wheel bearings?

Excellent advice. Thanks

Re: Would you replace these wheel bearings?

Brad William /

On this topic... How easy is it to regrease or replace maxi spoked wheel bearings? I'm planning on going over three puchs this winter and none of them have had any service to those bearings in almost 40 yrs. I expect they are sealed. These are flyweight bikes. And we're talking 18k miles on the most worn of them. I'm thinking of repacking them with a grease injection needle through the seals. (A not uncommon method) Anyone done this? (edited)

Re: Would you replace these wheel bearings?

Brad William /

just watched a couple of videos. Seems it's easier to very carefully pry out the hard rubber seals, repack, and press the seals back in place.

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