1979 motorbecane

I can pedal it good in bicycle mode and switch to moped and can still pedal but to the plug out and the piston is not moving. Sounds like more then just a top end rebuild ?? Any help ??? Only paid $150 for it.


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Cleats Onionpockets /

Are you able to turn the variator by hand?

Re: 1979 motorbecane

Yes it’s seems to be the clutch not grabbing.

Re: 1979 motorbecane

NICE - 30mph rated 50v with the orig tire pump !!! WAY COOL

Take the dog dish off the right side of the motor and see if you can turn the flywheel by hand. This will make sure the motor is not locked up. You will likely need to clean and adjust the points and adjust the timing once you get the starter clutch sorted.

Order yourself a M24/M26 clutch/cam puller,you will need that to open the clutch cover (no a different puller will not really substitute well) and check the starter clutch arms.

Make sure there are pads on the ends of the arms, then free up the arms. Take the little springs off the arms and give then a bit of penetrating oil (not too much or you will get oil all over the pads after when you try to start) then work the arms until they are floppy sort of loose on their pivots. Use brake cleaner to get rid of the penetrating oil. Reconnect the little springs and put the cover back on and give the pedal starting another try.

Re: 1979 motorbecane

Thanks bud. Yes motor turns over and has compression. Ordering parts tonight.

Re: 1979 motorbecane

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