help with honda cub

I know this is not a moped, but maybe someone can help. I bought a 1969 Honda c102, it will start but won't rev past 1500 rpm's. I cleaned the carb real good, no help. when I try to rev it it chokes out and stalls. when I pull the plug it's wet. It will idle all day just fine. this is a 50cc 4 stroke engine. I think it may need a new carb. what else could it be? thanks for any suggestions.

Re: help with honda cub

Is the choke moving?

Re: help with honda cub

Angry Hipster /

Does the c102 have the timing advance mechanism? If so consider checking it out.

Re: help with honda cub

zack burbank /

yes it does, never thought of that, thanks I will check it out.

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