1995 Tomos Targa brakes

Was wondering if the front brake assembly the same as the back ? Painted the rims and put it back together and when I tightened the rear wheel it locks up solid. Only thing I was thing was I switch the brake asm since they look the same or lost a spacer. Thanks for the help


Re: 1995 Tomos Targa brakes

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Yeah there should be some Adjusters or there should be a screw that holds the cable onto the brake arm. Sometimes the rear will lock up because the brake arm doesn't have a return spring on it I found that my Tomas from 97 has that problem so I went to the hardware store and I found a 10 lb spring compression and then ran it through the cable between the arm and the fixture to hold the north as a result my Tomas rear wheel doesn't stay locked

Re: 1995 Tomos Targa brakes

I have my cable disconnect as soon as I start tightening the rear tire it slowly gets harder and harder to spin until it locks up solid. The brake drum pushes against the rear mag wheel. Maybe I’m missing something now ?? That’s what made me think maybe there different so I was going to swap them tomorrow and see. I looked at the diagram online and it seems like everything is there and not missing.

Re: 1995 Tomos Targa brakes

If it rolls freely without the axel tight nut locks solid when tight on the bike then you are missing a spacer between the brake carrier and the wheel.

Re: 1995 Tomos Targa brakes

Just got a thick washer and now it works great. I never had a two speed moped but it seems like it Wine’s and only shifts sometimes into second ? Clutch issue I think

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