Minarelli v1 external condenser

I've been reading other posts as well but does anyone have any tips on wiring an external condenser? I'm pretty sure the one I have is shot and I want to be able to plug & play just in case this happens again. I have a minarelli v1 and plan on using a GB121(old auto) condenser.

am i supposed to do this with the inside wires? (related pic attached)

I'm also not sure how to wire each thing and the GB121 having two wires is confusing me. I know I'm supposed to splice it into external ignition coil but which wire am i supposed to splice in? (related pic attached)

thanks, i just don't want to make sure of all of this before screwing up

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 4.55.59 PM.png

Re: Minarelli v1 external condenser

make sure that wire is tucked inside the flywheel and that it will never rub anything. those two are the same wire, makes it easy to install one on coil and the other to your hot lead. , make sure u ground the body of the condenser to your frame thru the bolt.

Re: Minarelli v1 external condenser

Easiest installation would be to use one of the mounting bolts or studs for the external coil to mount the condenser to the bike. If you have a bonding wire for the ground at the coil put that with the condenser mount on the same fastener.

You can trim the condenser's pigtail to fit. Splice it together with the wire that comes from your points where it goes into the external coil.

If your external coil has the DIN numbers marked on the terminals make sure you attach the pigtail/points wire to the #1 terminal. The #15 goes to the ground. Switching those two terminals backwards will result in a feeble spark.

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