Hobbit pulley stuck??

pardon me if this has been covered but the damn rear pulley on my hobbit pa50ii is stuck, it'll move 1/16" and then just stop. dont have pullers w me, is there a fix with it on? been soaking w some silicone dry lube.

Re: Hobbit pulley stuck??

picts pulley


and f variator looks like its been stuck b4 by wear mark.


Re: Hobbit pulley stuck??

if i put a box wrench on the nut the moving cheek w spin 60degrees or so back n forth


Re: Hobbit pulley stuck??

well an hour later, with some blaster , between moving plate n cam, wood wedges n the railroad spike been able to massage to variation.


Re: Hobbit pulley stuck??

Cheetachrome has some magic he renders to the pulley by taking it apart. Afterwards it's better than new. Hopefully he explains the process.

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