honda express oil injection help

good evening fellow moped and scooter riders, i just bought a 1981 honda express nc50. im having a issue that the my carburetor has an outlet line from the oil injection pump i noticed that there's one line coming from the oil tank and the other from the pump to the top of the carburetor. i noticed that all the other models have a fitting on the intake but mine does not, keep in mind that mine has automatic choke and the only line going to the intake comes from the auto choke system. any help would be appreciated, otherwise ill just delete the oil pump and mix it myself.

Re: honda express oil injection help

ProjectMopedManual should have the manual you need. But its a honda, so you can also find parts diagrams online to figure out where the oil lines go.

Re: honda express oil injection help

Up to and including 1979 models had injection going into intake manifold. 1980 and later had oil injection into carburetor. Different parts were used as well as plumbing.

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