2000 Kinetic - runs but needs a little...something?

Kristoffer Johnson /

I was given a 2000 Kinetic. It had issues, mainly fuel, that was sorted out pretty easily with a new OEM carb. Now it generally runs well! Starts easily, lights work good. A little smoke out the pipe at first but once it warms up it’s good! But compared to my TOMOS, my Tomos feels like a rocket.

I have done some reading and it appears they are NOT a favorite moped so just bear with me.

The two issue I have I’m hoping others may have some ideas.

1. Getting going seems sluggish, not a first, but after a good wide open run and I come to a stop I have to either kick or pedal boost it to get moving.

2. Sometimes it feels like it’s dying. Like a weak battery, yet there is no battery. Once I sit there for a few seconds it is ready to go again.



Re: 2000 Kinetic - runs but needs a little...something?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Turn up the idle so your blinkers work at stop lights. As far as a Tomas running better you do get what you pay for the Thomas Transmissions are different from the kinetics personally I don't think I ever opened a kinetic clutch I always throw them away and got another one whereas the Tomas when it's factory serviced or dealer service they use a special tool and you have to flip the pins to use it so that the clutch is open towards rotation of the wheel and basically it makes them run like demons but if you do it yourself without the tool you put it back together the way you found it and it's just so so like you get it out of the factory so if you had one of these Thomas's that was serviced by a dealer or when the clutch wore out it would work 10 times better than one you service yourself that is an awesome marketing ploy... it also sounds like you have a seal leak that's why it hesitates on acceleration and blows out white smoke when you first start it and then once it warms up it doesn't leak anymore or at least it doesn't leak as much or noticeably so go over your carb you might want to lower the jet one maybe you want to up the Advance on the stator make sure that you're running the right ratio in the oil and you should get five more miles an hour

Re: 2000 Kinetic - runs but needs a little...something?

What carb and main jet?

Re: 2000 Kinetic - runs but needs a little...something?

Kristoffer Johnson /

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