Transmission Fluid Leaking from Top


I have a Puch Magnum II that I recently bought and have been fixing. I have been teaching myself most of my repairs, but I can't seem to find much online about the issue I have. Right now the bike is ride-able and starts very nicely.

However, transmission fluid is leaking out of the top of my transmission where the clutch cable connects to the transmission (see photos). The fluid only leaks after the bike has been ridden. I do not ride the bike very far, so this hasn't been a huge issue. But leaking fluids definitely is not something I want.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them/fixed this before? Any insight is appreciated.

Here is a link to photos:

In these photos the darker area in the clutch actuator (I think that's the name) is transmission fluid that will slowly drain down after riding.


Re: Transmission Fluid Leaking from Top

My first question would be how much transmission fluid is in there

Re: Transmission Fluid Leaking from Top

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Find out how much fluid is in there

Re: Transmission Fluid Leaking from Top

I put the transmission fluid in that is currently inside. I poured fluid type F into the transmission until it started to trickle out of the fill level screw. (edited)

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