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Hi all,

I do not understand how the clutch should work ? It seems to press the center, but what should that do ? I see no moving parts. Has anyone some information ?

It is an old DKW m50 2 speed motor.

Many thanks, Greg


Re: DKW M50

super cool bike, very rare for most of us americans. so I dont know how much specifics you'll snag but i;ll try my best

The way i believe it should work is the springs under those 6 bolts are squeezing the clutch pack together like a typical multiplate clutch. here's a vid:

Usually, the clutch lever has a cable, that pulls a little lever arm on the engine that operates a rod from the opposite side - that's pushing from the left and pushing those pads and plates apart. It looks like this maybe works kinda backwards; if so, there would be a little lever with an arm that is on the inside of the transmission cover, and that would push on the clutch and push a rod or on the shaft to push away the back (innermost) plate

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