Sachs 504 no spark

I'm fucking beating my head over this shit.

Ok I have the engine on my bench turning it over with a drill on the flywheel.

It's a 3 wire KTM Foxi Sachs flywheel

Black is grounded to the head

Blue is sparking off bolts

Yellow is just hanging out

If I wire the ignition coil one side to ground, one side to the blue wire I get no spark. The plug/wire/ignition are off of my Puch and I have a new one made for sachs both don't work.

The points are clean and the magneto is clean.

Dead is it not putting out enough juice er what?

Re: Sachs 504 no spark

* wormdirt * /

For posterity:

KTM Foxi with Sachs 504 power to coil and lights, no spark

Hardwired blue to ground black to coil

Took out old condenser and replaced with 1965 VW Bug condenser from Auto parts store

Grounded HT coil exterior - blue wire - and the exterior of new condenser

Black to HT

Got spark


Re: Sachs 504 no spark

That was pretty simple . ;)

Re: Sachs 504 no spark

I got that same setup it's sparking with the blue ungrounded too. Although i dont think it should... maybe that wire's already grounded out by random serendipity

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