Lance PCH 125 not starting

Hoping for any help! My moped had been sitting outside for about a year, even in the colder months (I live in Tennessee) at my apartment complex. Won't start, and here's what I've tried:

- Battery was dead so I tried kickstarting, but no luck after trying to kickstart a few dozen times

- Bought a new battery and fully charged it.

- Replaced the sparkplug.

- Added new gas...probably was a little old gas at the bottom

I've attached a video of me trying to start the scooter. Any thoughts on what I can try next? Happy to take any additional videos if you need more details. Very grateful for anyone's assistance on this!!

Thank you!


Re: Lance PCH 125 not starting

Well you have a scooter not a moped. Try going to 49cc pro they are better suited to help you.

Re: Lance PCH 125 not starting

did you check if it's sparking? I mean yeah it's not a moped but the basic principles are mostly the same. I know a little bit about scooters and can maybe help.

In general, every troubleshooting, start with freds guide. definitely read Fred's guide, it's in the wiki.

then check spark. no spark, start there, switches, cdi, disconnected wires etc.

If yes spark, next check would be the fuel flow. theres a little hose going out of the bottom of the carb's float bowl, to a little piece that's usually bolted to the bottom left siderail of the frame,that's got a flathead screw on it., backing that screw open lets the carb drain out. there oughtta be some gas, collect it in a cup and see if theres any water got in it. In order to flwo theres a vacuum petalvalve on the gas tank petcock. theer's two hoses coming outta that, you focus on em at 14 seconds in the video. one's the fuel out the bottom, the other is a T'd air line going to a vacuum bung on the intake. the vacuum from the engine sucks open that valve allowing fuel to flow. It's very very common for this hose to become cracked or disconnected, and without it, theres no suction to let the petcock flow. with the drain screw on the bottom still open, disconnect the intake end of that hose and suck on it with your mouth. it's a vacuum line so dont worry, theres no gas in it, but that should let gas flow, and you should see it pour out the bottom drain hose. If you cant draw a suction, like you're just sucking in air, the hose is cracked or disconnected somewhere and that's your problem.

After that, finish out the fred's guide suggestions, might need to look at valves, but those are your likliest issues.

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