Sachs 504 Starter/Decomp Cable Removal

Jack Larkin /

I'm trying to drop the engine of my Kynast KML40 and the last thing holding it on is a cable with the metal bit that goes onto the clutch arm. Anyone know how to get this out? (edited)


Re: Sachs 504 Starter/Decomp Cable Removal

You have to disconnect at the lever and slide out of the cable. You can also drop out with the whole cable.

Re: Sachs 504 Starter/Decomp Cable Removal

very nice picture.

Re: Sachs 504 Starter/Decomp Cable Removal

yea, you gottapull it the whole way thru after unscrewing the clamp bolt on the starter lever. But because those are kindof a bitch to find replacements for and because of the liklihood of the cable fraying, alot of times I just pull the whole starter lever off the bars and just leave it attached while doing all the engine work. seems pretty silly but where do you get those cables?

treatland. that's where. because treats has em in stock nowadays, you can quit fuckin around, just pull the cable out from the lefr, if it frays get a new one. yay!

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