My first repair/sprocket size bat-hs50

John Ozaistowicz /

I bought a absolutely beautiful batavus hs50 that has been well taken care of and I couldn't be happier. Got a flat on my first day out with her though and it's been snowballing issues since then. Long story short, my sprocket snapped in half as I was attempting to replace the rear wheel (the broken piece crumbled like brittle as hell old plastic). Anyone know the correct size for a replacement part?

Re: My first repair/sprocket size bat-hs50

Try to post some pis of the carnage. Moped people love visual aids.

Polite way of asking for more information In case your terminology is whacked

Look here to start

Re: My first repair/sprocket size bat-hs50

♣Slew Foot♣ /

what you mean is the plastic chain guide that goes on the pulley slash pedal?

I do believe a Tomas one fits from an A3 I have a few I have a white one and a black one PM meaning with reasonable offer

Re: My first repair/sprocket size bat-hs50

Thats what I was talking about Dog. I think this person is not giving a good discription

Re: My first repair/sprocket size bat-hs50

♣Slew Foot♣ /

...I love being a guy lying on a wet pavement in leather at night who is there to sit in judgment of his own juices and Proclaim if there was some hobo grog poured over his bowl of frop, in any case but, goodness, I guess the men named grateful it was only the mornin dew bewettin my brow...

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